Viavi Solutions, a JDSU performance management solution, is the leading developer of network analysis, monitoring and troubleshooting solutions like Observer and GigaStor. Since 1994, Viavi Solutions has delivered network visibility and insight through high-performance, comprehensive analysis tools. The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with offices throughout the United States and across the globe.

About nTAPs and Viavi Solutions

nTAPs are part of the Viavi Solutions end-to-end network analysis solution. nTAPs serve as a stand-alone, best-of-breed product line that seamlessly integrates with any network or security analysis device.

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nTAPs Product Overview

Viavi Solutions engineered nTAPs to deliver maximum visibility into full-duplex links, a critical component of high-speed network analysis. nTAPs work with network analyzers, protocol analyzers, intrusion detection systems, forensic appliances, remote monitoring appliances, RMON probes and other network devices.

nTAPs Key Advantages

High-volume data capture and performance

nTAPs ensure complete visibility into full-duplex links without compromising network performance. Unlike SPAN sessions on a switch, the nTAP will not affect switch performance or filter out physical layer errors.

No downtime

With an nTAP permanently installed, you never need to interrupt the link to attach an analyzer or other device. Even if power to copper nTAPs fails, critical links will continue to perform.


The nTAP family includes models and configurations to replicate Ethernet data streams for analysis. Whether you need to monitor optical or copper links, there is an nTAP solution to bridge the gap.

Since the nTAP provides access to all network traffic, it also reports on errors in the physical layer from both sides of a full-duplex link. If the analyzer fails, nTAPs ensure continued network operation. nTAPs are available in a variety of compact hardware configurations and meet international RF emission standards.

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