Overview About nTAPS

Install nTAPs on 1, 10, or 40 Gb single or multi-mode optical links. Or select our newest offering, the High-Density Optical nTAP (HDOT) to mix and match these network speeds or 100 Gb in any combination across 24 modules in a 1U rack.

Use optical nTAPs to send identical copies of critical traffic to network analyzers, remote monitoring appliances, forensics tools, and similar devices capable of supporting dual, non-aggregated data streams. For further flexibility, Copper-to-Optical and Optical-to-Copper Conversion nTAPs are available.


Rugged aluminum chassis designed exclusively by Viavi Solutions. No off-the-shelf components.


The space-saving design optimizes data center usage. Tap up to 24 fiber links inside a 1U rack.


Mix and match speeds, fiber modes, and split ratios needed for your environment.



Built to scale. Start with only the modules you need. Add or change modules as you see fit.

New High-Density Optical nTAP

The High-Density Optical nTAP can be configured based upon your network needs. Start with just the chassis and a few modules today. Add components as your needs evolve. You can mix and match modules as you like and create any combination of up to 24 modules in one 1U rack.