Viavi Solutions Gets Into Monitoring Switch Space

Network Instruments, which sells a range of products aimed at helping businesses better manage their networking environments, is getting into the competitive and mature network monitoring switch space.


So much to Monitor, so Little Rack Space to do it

Slick New High-Density Optical Tap Offers 24 Ports in a 1U


Viavi Solutions Announces Highest Density, Lowest Cost TAP Available

New Scalable High-Density Optical nTAP Provides Access for up to 24 Links in 1U Rack


Viavi Solutions Launches 40 Gb Multimode Optical nTAP

New nTAP ensures complete, secure access for data center performance monitoring


Viavi Solutions nTAPs Exceed 67,000 Ports Shipped

Network TAPs Sales Grow by 20 Percent in 2010


Viavi Solutions Launches 1 GB Buffer Aggregator nTAPs

New industry-leading buffer size handles higher network utilization


An Acute Observer of LAN Behaviour

"A test access point (TAP) was required to properly take network packets from our test network. Viavi Solutions supplied one of its aggregator TAPs, which can be connected to a PC or operate as a standalone system."


Viavi Solutions nTAPs

Viavi Solutions nTAPs are TAPs that can be inserted into the network flow and provide network monitoring capabilities. New to the Viavi Solutions nTAP line are their Aggregator nTAPs, which combine the traffic from both sides of the network link and send that combined flow to the analysis device(s).


Accessing Network Traffic: SPAN Ports Vs. TAPs

Ensuring complete visibility of network data is the first critical component of analysis. There are two common ways for a monitoring device to access network traffic: using a switch's SPAN session (also known as port mirroring) or a network TAP (Test Access Port).


Viavi Solutions Launches Aggregator nTAP to Manage Higher Utilization Spikes on Full-Duplex Links

New nTAPs' industry-leading 512 MB buffer compatible with all leading security and management tools


Optical Device Transfers Network Data to Monitoring Device

Providing network professionals visibility into full-duplex networks, units are compatible with network analyzers, forensic appliances, and intrusion detection systems.